Vertical hammer mill

MV series mills are used for the fine or ultrafine grinding of a large number of materials with low to moderate hardness and abrasivity, such as for example corn, oats, barley, soya etc.
These mills are fitted with a vertical shaft rotor rotating at high speed to which hammers are fastened rigidly. The material is ground by impact and rubbing against a screen.
LaMec Italia vertical mills are machines designed and produced with extreme sturdiness and attention to detail.

Description for vertical mill

The vertical mill is a very compact machine designed to take up less space and offer the user a high level of production capacity with reduced energy consumption.
The advantages of using the vertical mill in production, as opposed to the horizontal shaft version, are as follows: reduced electricity consumption: when compared to horizontal hammer mills with the same capacity, energy consumption is on average 25% lower.

LaMec vertical mills are available in three versions:

- Limited airflow: it is not necessary to have a specific suction line for the mill in the grinding chamber. This results in
significant energy savings and limited product moisture loss during the grinding stage.
- Easy to replace screens and hammers: parts subject to wear (hammers and screen) are hooked to make their
replacement really easy.
- Easy to clean and inspect grinding chamber

Technical characteristic

The mill is fitted with a dispenser with stone and metal removal system.
The impeller features high mechanical reliability thanks to two supports with independent bearings.
The motor and impeller are connected with a flexible coupling.
High safety standards: bearing temperature is monitored by PT 100 sensors and a vibration detection system may be installed (optional).
Quieter than the horizontal mill
Construction in compliance with ATEX 22 standards.



Vertical mill







Motor power

45 kW 75kW 90kW-110kW
Speed RPM 2960  1480


Screen surface m2

0,34 0,51 0,74

Screen height mm

181 181 190

Filter surface

20 35 50


32/64 32/64 32/64

Capacity maize sieve
diam. 4 mt/h

10,5 18,5 24 - 28

Capacity barely sieve
diam. 4 mt/h

2,5 4,5 6-7