Kermec pellet mills

The variable-pitch feeder is driven by a continuous variable speed gear motor

Screw feeder

The variable-pitch feeder is driven by a continuous variable speed gear motor
The whole body of the screw feeder is in contact with the feed and the screw feeder shaft is made in stainless steel.


The conditioner is driven by its own motor.
The conditioner - shafts and paddles included - is entirely made by stainless steel. The paddles of the conditioner shaft are easily adjustable in order to obtain the best result from the addition of the steam.

Pellet mill Bloc


the stainless steel door of the machine is equipped with two knives assembly


a permanent magnet is fitted in the chute to avoid ferrous metal entering the die.

Overload flap:

there is a overload flap on the feed conveyor.

Die holder:

the die holder is made of forged steel and has a wear ring. The stainless steel base is lined in order to guarantee a longer life


the pellet mill lays on a heavy cast iron base that guarantees the absence of vibrations.

Main shaft:

the front of the shaft is chrome plated to prevent corrosion.


the pellet mill is driven by an electric motor with a V-belt transmission. Belts type 5V guarantee the transmission of the motor power with a security factor of 1.7

Shear pin:

a shear pin is installed on the rear of the machine to protect the pelleting chamber


greasing of the roller bearings can be made by the rear of the pellet mill, through the main shaft. In this way the machine can be lubricated without stopping the motor.


control unit for automatic greasing rollers

Animal feed industry Main Motor power Cattle feed Poultry feed
KerMec 420 twin motors 2x55 kW 6.0 Ton/h 8.0 Ton/h
KerMec 520 twin motors 2x90 kW 8.0 Ton/h 10.0 Ton/h
KerMec 630 twin motors 2x110 kW 10.0 Ton/h 15.0 Ton/h