Fat pellets coating

The fat addition machine enriches the feeds that need a high percentage of fat, such as poultry feed, without injuring the compactness of the final product. The cycle begins after the sifting of the pellet that makes it homogeneous, well filled and dry, with a fat percentage ranging from 2 to 7%.

The production varies from 5 to 30 t / h , depending on the size of the machine.



  • The pellet flows in through a hopper
  • It goes into an extraction screw. Its speed is set by an inverter that controls the capacity, according to the level set on the capacity probe.
  • The flow is constantly weighed by a weighing bin. This electronic device measures the force applied to an object (usually a mechanic component) through the monitoring of an electric signal modified by the deformation that the force induces on the component
  • The fat is sprayed on the pellet by a spraying chamber connected to a 600L tank. The process is controlled by a dosing pump and a flow meter that sets the oil addition according to the pellet flow. The fat is mainly made of animal industrial waste (chicken fat).
  • The pellet is conveyed through two screw feeders. The throughput time will be long enough for the oil to penetrate homogeneously into the core of the pellet, thank to the rotation and the paddles. The heating is achieved by the use of the steam, which circulates in an external net of pipes to the frame of the screw (70-80 °C).
  • The machine releases the product, ready for packaging.


The line is composed by:

- Dosing system:


  • Hopper
  • Capacity probe, which sets the flow according to the preset level
  • Variable capacity extraction screw, with integrated inverter gear motor, 3 kW


- Screw feeder:

  • Diameter 300 mm
  • Length 10 m. for the model LOP-F and capacity over 10 T/h
  • Predisposition for heating by a net of pipes where the steam flows at 1.5/2 bar
  • Condense collector
  • Isolation by mineral wood packed in a shaped zinc metal sheet
  • 5.5 kW motor

Models present in the market:

Model Motor power Screw feeder diameter Length Screw feeder power Capacity
Lop-F 10 3 kw 300 mm 10m 3kw 10 t/h
Lop-F 20 3 kw 300 mm 14m 4kw 20 t/h
Lop-F 30 3 kw 350 mm 5,5kw 850 30 t/h


Liquid dosing system:

  • AISI 304 liquid tank, capacity 600L., suitable for steam heating
  • Valves and nozzles for liquid interception, air injection, post-process cleaning
  • Volumetric pump
  • Mass capacity detector with 4-20 MA. The signal is proportioned to the flow of the product
  • Ventilated servomotor, 1.5 kW

Spraying chamber made of AISI 304:

  • Fat spraying nozzles
  • Holes to compress the air for nebulizing the liquids with low pressure 0.5 bar



Electronic control panel for the dosing of the liquid and for the motors of the system