Complete automation for pellet mills

Automatic control of pellet mill feed, steam and liquids

LaMec Control System LCS 2000 allows you to start the press automatically, measuring flour rate and temperature of conditioning by steam, reaching gradually the adjusted data and ensuring the emergency system.

The system includes:

  • Electronic control panel for LCS PV complete with the PLC Siemens Series 7
  • Converter for reading the power absorbed by the main motor of the press
  • Level control propeller indicator, to detect the presence of materials (powder?) in the feed hopper of the press
  • Temperature probe PT 100 for detecting the temperature of the flour after conditioning with the steam in the air conditioner
  • Probe holder
  • Modulating valve for regulating analog steam line of steam (Valves for modulating steam control)
  • On-off valve for regulating the steam


The system is particularly simple and does not require specialized personnel.